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As I'll be in Thailand over the next few months creating a new album, I figured I could throw some alternate mixes up here for subscribers as well as sample packs as I go. I currently offer 4 monthly breaks to Patreon subscribers but this will be a little more involved & the platform for distributing more to you guys than just a few samples a month. You will receive a link for the first few samples to download as soon as you subscribe (current Patreon members have this already). You will also continue to receive all of my work that is released on sonicterror (my label) which includes the final version of the new record.

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Washington, D.C.
2019 marks the 17th anniversary of Port666 / 1-Byte in a 2-Byte World, Sonicterror’s debut 7″ featuring End.User & Tekmind. Since that initial release, Lynn Standafer, better known as End.User, has gone on to release 9 official full length LP’s, numerous singles, and create a wealth of remixes for artists spanning a wide range of genres including metal, hip-hop, industrial, and breakcore.

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